Actual worth of wrist watches

Your wristwatch is a part of your personality. And it’s not only a machine to check the time Its a jewelry item. But people wear designer watches to show their class, passion, and personality. Have you ever known there are some jewels inside your luxury watch?

Let’s dig inside a luxury watch, Why they too expensive, Why its more classic than usual, and Why jewels inside them.

So yes, there are actual jewels in the movement of your watch and usually quite a few of them!


Back in the day, watchmakers used natural genuine rubies to create these bearings, and more recently, they adopted the use of lab-created rubies (also known as synthetic rubies). The purpose of these jewels is to act as bearings to various components in the watch specifically the parts that would normally wear down easily such as the escape lever and the impulse jewel.

Before the ’70s, when battery-powered (quartz) watches were introduced, all watches were mechanical and used about five to seven jewels in the watch’s caliber.

As everyone knows there are so many wearing parts available in the mechanical wristwatches. Gear wheels, shafts, and bearings and to obtain high quality and high accuracy for long lifetime, designers embedded high strength jewels with having high wearing resistance, non-degradable with time, and lightweight.

In usual Luxury watches, include 17 jewels inside the heavy mechanical parts.

Escape wheel                  – 2 jewels

Gears inside Luxury Watch

Third wheel                     – 2 jewels

Fourth wheel                  – 2 jewels

Escape Lever                   – 2 jewels

Escape Lever Pallet     – 2 jewels

Center wheel                   – 2 jewels

Balance wheel                 – 1 jewel

Staff Pivot                       – 2 x 2 jewels

But there are some designer watches which have more than 15, 19, 21 jewels. Someone are priceless.

There are many impurity elements (such as Cr, Ni, Mg. Fe) in the jewels to colored them.

NameMain elementsStructureHardness (Mohs scale)
GarnetSi, OTetrahedral6.5-7.5
SapphireAl, OHexagonal9
RubyAl, OHexagonal9
Table of Jewel varieties and the Hardness(Mohs)

Jewels have high crystalline atomic structure. Because of that, they become very hard to compare with the other compounds. Those crystals packed together very tightly. Because of that density also very high.

There are many atomic structures other than this and that will be another topic of Materials Insider. Stay with us, Subscribe to our newsletter. Join I N S I D E R Community


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